Warriors of New York

admin | November 6, 2018
Warriors of New York

Spring is here! In celebration of this joyous time of renewal and rebirth, we decided to take to the streets of NY, to ask- what do you See?

From Bedford Avenue to Washington Square Park we shared some of our favorite Yawanawa designs, handmade by indigenous women in the Amazon, with patterns derived from Shamanic visions…

And in no time we found fellow Warriors, with no shortage of interesting things to tell us…

IC Warriors of NY… what do you See?

“I see a warrior mask, resembling a tiger or dragon.”

“I see a jungle person with many eyes.”

“I see pyramids, I feel warmth, I see fire.“

“It takes me somewhere else , somewhere really deep.”

“It gives meaning . I am a yoga teacher, and I just feel a profound meaning when I wear this.”

“I see the value in these, knowing that they are made by hand. Like the women back home would make things by hand. I feel a strong connection to the women that made these, as if they are from the same family as my sisters in Mexico.”

“There is a brightness emanating from these, a fiery cheerfulness.“

“Right now I’m feeling a lot of things, I was robbed last night..I need to quiet my mind for 30 seconds… Ok, I am seeing opposite energies combating, but they are just trying to find the center…there’s a sign.. literally there’s a sign, behind you, it says ‘help yourself’. We have the capacity to sift through the bullshit…Like the saints before us. I’m talking about people from the past, St. Francis, St. Augustine, because to move forward we need to learn from those that came before us.”

“ I see bugs with pinchers and hard edges, but then I see the most vibrant green and it makes me think of this beautiful spring day in New York..”

“I see the forces of the water and the sun, and feel the transition from night into day.”

“I feel this piece embodies the warmth and inspiration of the people.”

“I see two faces, like two owls.”

“I can feel the energy of the people, their force. When I touch these artifacts, I feel the hands of these people, and the hope to save something that is getting lost..just through their simple gesture or work, gestures like yours and mine.”

[ No words.. Just a big smile ? ]

“I feel amazed. I don’t get it. I really can’t tell what is going on, but it is making me very curious.”

“It reminds me of the Huichol, and these pieces look very familiar, but I am not from Brazil.“

“I see sunshine, pure sunshine, like home in Miami.“

“Reminds me of the hippie years of the 60’s, head shops, and good pot.”

“These are dreamlike. I feel the energies of pure sunshine and water. These pieces make me think of warrior vests, like the natives wear as a shield.”

“I feel the love. Everything is ok.. Keep up the good work..peace, love, sun and water.”

“I can’t see that deep.. All I can say is that it is beautiful, baby.”

“We are all Brazilians actually. There is a ceremonial vibe to these, and they seem to provide a sense of protection.”

“Let’s play!”

“I feel empowered by the divine holy force of the forest!”

“ I see the ocean and the Earth. There is water leading into the fiery core of the planet, it is flowing into that inner light, feeding the water of life.”

“ I see little baby warriors connecting to the force of the fire and to the force of the forest that they will fight to save.”