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sacred music. tribal dance.


 Sacred Music. Tribal Dance. Experience the rituals of the Yawanawá tribe as they journey from their home in the Brazilian Amazon to bring an indigenous celebration that is sure to transport you. Hear songs so ancient, that your very DNA will vibrate with the inherent recognition of sacred music from the depths of the forest.

Celebrating Culture to Save It

A group of 7 Yawanawá traveled to 5 cities across the U.S. to sing ancestral songs, play traditional games, and share their rich culture, to save their way of life, their language, and their spiritual heritage from extinction.


U.S. Encounter Tour 2016

In September – October 2016 we visited: Miami, Florida | Austin, Texas | New York City | Vermont | Ojai, California

Our celebration reached over 2,300 people, nearly 900 of which were children, who received this incredible experience gratis, through the generous support of our donors.

We raised over $34,000 to build the Traditional School of Mutum, which provides food, lodging, and school supplies to children learning their native Yawanawá language, traditional legends, ancestral spiritual practices and sacred plant knowledge, as passed down orally from generation to generation.

Kenewma’s Testimony

My name is Kenewma Luiza Yawanawá and I come from 3 generations of chiefs and shamans. I live in Mutum Village of the Yawanawá tribe and here is a beautiful place… We are deep in the Amazon forest living with much joy, but also sadness because our cultural and spiritual heritage are in jeopardy.

Growing up I learned to speak Portuguese, as the other children were taught. Missionaries came here before I was born and told my people to change. Change the way we’ve been living for centuries, and learn to live like everyone else. Because of this, I had confusion about my own identity. I did not fit in when I tried to go to university but I also no longer felt like I was truly a Yawanawá.

Join the Celebration and be part of their touching journey.

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