traditional school

of mutum

 to save their way of life

1 language dies every 14 days

Many indigenous tribes like the Yawanawá, have suffered hundreds of years of colonization, threatening the survival of their language, culture, and ancestral wisdom, which have been passed down orally through millenia. In the Yawanawá, a generation gap exists, where the youth no longer speak their ancestral tongue, thus cutting their connection to their cultural heritage and spiritual lineage. It is with great urgency that we move to preserve a knowledge, a way of life, which is so critical to the future of human existence on this Earth.

Fact box

Nearly half of the roughly 7,000 languages spoken on Earth will likely disappear by 2100

Many endangered languages are spoken by indigenous tribes with rich oral histories and ancient knowledge, passed down from generation to generation, in their native ancestral tongue.


Encounter Tour

In this five-city U.S. tour, 7 members of the Yawanawá tribe shared their rich culture to save their way of life, their language, and spiritual heritage from extinction.

Together we raised over US$34,000 to build the Traditional School of Mutum (TSM), where Yawanawá youth can reconnect with their ancestral language and carry on the legends, values, culture, and spiritual wisdom of their people.

The Tour reached over 2,300 people, 900 of which were children who received this incredible experience gratis, through the generous support of our donors.

We painted faces. We sang. We danced. We prayed. We realized that we are all one.

Purpose of the school

The Traditional School of Mutum will provide food, lodging, and school supplies to Yawanawá children learning their native Yawanawá language, traditional legends, ancestral spiritual practices, and sacred plant knowledge.

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