Preserving the forest and its wisdom, by empowering

the world’s Indigenous, through a Celebration of culture.


Have you received the call?

Join us on a life-changing journey to Mutum Village, in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon. Space is limited for this precious opportunity to learn from, interact with, and live among, some of the eldest wisdom keepers in the Amazon.


In October 2016, 7 Yawanawá tribe members courageously journeyed from their home, in the remote Amazon forest of Acre, Brazil, to 5 U.S. cities, to sing ancestral songs, play traditional games, and share their rich culture, to save their way of life, their language, and their spiritual heritage from extinction.


Beaded jewelry is handmade by the Yawanawá Shavu’rah (Yawanawá women) in a state of deep prayer and meditation. Designs are derived from shamanic visions, inspired by the beauty of the forest. Each one-of-a-kind item holds a unique prayer of protection for the wearer, uniting us with our indigenous relatives, as fierce Guardians of the Amazon.